Support a Biden-Harris Administration Of the People

July 3, 2020

Dear Joe:

You have our vote. We want your commitment.

As a diverse group of women, former federal appointees going back to the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations, we call on you and your campaign to lead a divided nation toward its "greatest progress."

Only when we address underlying racism and sexism will we see systemic change in the United States of America. We expect you to commit to identifying, nominating and hiring, at all levels, a highly qualified diverse administration that is representative of the country's gender and racial demographics. Your commitment and follow through will fill the empty space of past promises of "equality and inclusiveness."

Our communities, urban, rural and tribal, are facing a global economic collapse and two pandemics. One is viral that has laid bare the vast economic inequality that suppresses whole communities. The second is deeply embedded racism and sexism that divides us as a people. It ensures the exclusion and inequality of a majority of Americans and prevents them from fully participating in, contributing to and benefiting from our nation's vast resources and opportunities.

Racism and sexism marginalize low-income Americans, women, and people of color and disproportionately impacts black women and men with deadly consequences. George Floyd's cry for mercy was heard globally. To stop the killing and start the healing we must create a roadmap for systemic and lasting change. You said, "Institutional change is hard." You are correct. It requires intention and thoughtful design from the start.

We look to you for a campaign platform that commits to be the first administration in U.S. history that fully exemplifies a government Of the People. An administration where a diversity of perspective is welcomed, heard and incorporated. An administration where appointees are educated, trained and tasked to recognize conscious and unconscious racist and sexist biases. The first administration in U.S. history where women, especially women of color, are represented in your closest circle of advisors, your Cabinet, at all levels of your administration.

Plan for an administration where all people are fully represented. Direct your transition team to prioritize cultural competency and expertise in inclusion and diversity as key job criteria for each of the over 4,000 political appointees who want to serve their country in your administration.

Every presidential administration, from FDR through Obama, increased diversity and inclusion. While directionally positive toward an inclusive culturally competent government, many corridors of power remain shut to underrepresented voices. Talent pipelines are limited or non-accessible; never built, dismantled, or collapsed. The tables where decisions are made must have permanent seats for everyone to participate equally in a society that provides equality for all.

  • Commit the Biden Administration to fully embrace "Of the People." This is the beginning of a long and worthwhile goal. The task is not simple. To undo centuries of preferential practices requires expertise and thoughtful actions.
  • Commit to the premise that there is room for everyone. This is not about winners and losers. We all win when everyone has a seat at the table. When we are all included in every room where decisions are made.
  • Commit to building a transition team that is culturally competent, inclusive and diverse. Ensure the team is educated in best practices and trained to identify conscious and unconscious racist and sexist biases. Charge them to be proactive in seeking out qualified pools of diverse candidates for all appointments from senior to mid-level to entry level staff.
  • Commit to expand the representation of all women and people of color at the decision-making table, not behind it. Identify and hire oft-overlooked qualified candidates to join your Cabinet and build their Departments' leadership teams inclusively.
  • Commit to considering candidates with alternative education and varied life experiences. Reassess and rewrite job descriptions. Review clearance and vetting processes. Ensure otherwise qualified candidates are included - not prematurely or arbitrarily excluded.
  • Commit to seek out non-partisan diversity equity and inclusion expertise. Look for existing models of success in public (federal, state, local), private and not-for-profit sectors. Engage underutilized resources within the federal government including but not limited to offices of civil rights, ethics, personnel, research and archives.
  • Commit to get, use and publish better data; monitor and evaluate the path to "great progress." We must improve the process of data collection and metrics to establish targets (not quotas) at every level of the political hiring process from the Cabinet to administrative assistants. We must ask the right questions.

Dr. Dorothy Height, the iconic Civil Rights leader, one of many who historically connected inequality with systemic racism and sexism, said it best, "We have to improve life, not just for those who have the most skills and for those who know how to manipulate the system. But also for and with those who often have so much to give but never get the opportunity."

You have our vote, Joe. It is time for you to demonstrate your commitment to equality and inclusiveness such that all Americans see themselves in the images of your administration.

Signed by:

Marjorie Smith, Kennedy-Johnson Administration; Johnson-Humphrey Administration
Sylvia Bolivar, Clinton-Gore Administration; Obama-Biden Administration
Sharon Farmer, Clinton-Gore Administration
Sarah Farnsworth, Clinton-Gore Administration
Rekha Chalasani Grennan, Clinton-Gore Administration
Kate Howard, Clinton-Gore Administration
Michele Kreiss, Clinton-Gore Administration
Chantale Wong, Clinton-Gore Administration; Obama-Biden Administration
Individuals and organizations whose names appear below have signed in support of the call for a Biden-Harris Administration commitment to a diverse, inclusive and equitable United States Government of the people as of August 17 and August 27, 2020. Signatures and organizations will be updated as necessary.

INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS AS OF AUGUST 17,2020 (included in letter to Joe Biden and Kamala Harri at the Democratic Convention)
Yusuf Abdi
Mary Abraham
Nishith Acharya
Sandy Adams
Terry Adirim
Elsa Aho
Brien Aho
Katherine M. Akbar
Maura Albert
Annalisa D. Ambrose
Atessa L. Amjadi
Dave Anderson
Asli A. Ashkir
Bama Athreya
Joy Austin
Ben Austin
Masum Azizi
Robert C. Bacon
Althea C. Bacon
Barbara L. Bagneris
Rachel Bailey
Liz A. Bailey
Pauline Baker
Gregg R. Baker
Althea Banner
Gayle S. Barge
Mary Alicia Barnes
Frederick D. Barton
Suzanne Bauer
Jean B. Bauman
Elizabeth B. Baumel
Nina Baumel
C. Baylor
Komal Bazaz Smith
Flo Beckler
Maria Beebe
Maryruth Belsey Priebe
Redi S. Berhe
Bonnie B. Berry
Caroline Betcher
Paurvi Bhatt
B. Bing
Jessica S. Braverman Birch
Terry Bish
Patricia Tate Bivins
Tamara Blair
Yonahton A. Bock
Nancy Bonagura
Jennifer L. Bonardi
Shannon Bond
Johnnie B. Booker
Judith L. Borchers
Mary Borland
Thada Bornstein
Geraldine P. Boykin
Jennifer Boynton
Abby Brennan
Carla Briceno
Sundaa Bridgett-Jones
Kelly Brosnan
Cynthia G. Brown
Jerry Brown
Celeste T. Brown
Jamie E. Brudos
Nancy P. Bryers
Patricia Bubp
Jesse Bunch
Simon Bunyan
Meera Burghardt
Elizabeth Burke
Iris Jacobson Burnett
Wendy J. Burt
Ed Butler
Judy Byron
Claudia G. C.
Gloria B. Cabe
Elizabeth Cage
Jackie Camborde
Gerri D. Cannon
Mary Ann Cappiello
Sean C. Carroll
Bielka Castillo
George G. Caudill
Prasad Chalasani
Katrina D. Chan
Chen-Lun Chang
Craig R. Charneyt
Toby Chaudhuri
Aurelie T. Chorly
Wai C. Choy
Patricia Cielinski
Claudia A. Clark
Jennifer Clinton
Mary-Louise Tracy Coates
Steven E. Cobb
Bess Cohen
Anna Cohen
Lisa Cohen
Jacqueline Abelman Cohen
Wendy Cohen
Beth E. Cole
Isobel Coleman
Jennifer Collins-Foley
Bill Combs
Caroline Connolly
Nancy S. Convard
Martin Cooper
Irene Cooper-Basch
Luisa F. Cordoba
Joanna Crandall
Kerry Anne Crandall
Renee D. Cullinan
Sheila T. Cunningham
Peggy Cusack
Cassandra Czarniecki
Julianne Lindsey Dana
Cynthia Anderson Davis
Tim Davis
Sylvia Dawley
Kirpatrick Day
James Day
Frances Day- Egbuonye
Gina Deleonardis
Nene Aissatou Diallo
Marci Diamond
Dirk W. Dijkerman
Steve Diminuco
Kabaye Diriba
Ejigayehu G. Diriba
Jennifer G. Djukic
Maura J. Donlan
Sophie Donpineo
Jerome Doolittle
Kathleen M. Downey
Fawn Draucker
Erin Drouin
Michael Duga
Judy Dunbar
Barbara Durr
Anne M. Edwards
Clarence D. Edwards
Mark I. Eggleston
Bridget Marie Ellerman
Ed Emerson
Sam Estep
Malcolm Xavier Eve
Kellye Eversole
Patricia Ewing
Tanya Ezekiel
Ellen Ezra
Michelle Facos
Sarah Fanslau
Marta Farion
Dylan R. Farnsworth
Susan M. Farnsworth
Dana Faulkner
Patricia A. Faulkner
Jill Ferguson
Harriet Finder
Ann M. Fisher
David Fitzpatrick
Ronal Fleming
Tony Fleming
Chitahka Floore
Carole Florman
Kimberly R. Flowers
Patricia A. Fn’Piere
Patrick John Fn'Piere
Julie Ford
Allison Rae Ford
Nessar A. Fotoohi
Kari Frame
Edie Fraser
Kimberly Freeman
Maureen A. Friar
Craig H. Fritz
Himabindu Gaddipati
Kathleen M. Gaertner
Gabrielle G. Gallegos
Regina Galvin
Lina Garcia
Risa J. Garon
Jose Garzon
Zebib G. Gebretensae
Jennifer Genung Rigg
Erica George
Colleen Geraghty
Gilberto R. Gerald
Susan M. Getman
Zoe J. Getman
Sana Ghatasheh
Michael J. Gillespie
Quinton Gipson
Maryalice C. Giroux
Christina Glavas
Rachel Goldstein
Celina Gorre
Gregory Gottlieb
Jonathan S. Gration
Evelyn Green
Lorraine A. Green
Dianne Yvonne Green
Sean Grennan
Camilla Grove
Jeffrey Gulko
Lesley Haas
Virginia M. Hagan
Christopher Hale
Dorothy A. Hall
James W. Halsell
David V. Hamilton
David Han
Phyllis Hanson
Diane Harper
Mia Harris
Catherine Harris
Michele Nadeau Hartmann
Hana Mariah Hatta
Susan Lora Hazard
Mary P. Heath
Kathleen A. Helt
Katie L. Henke
Sue Anne Heyman
William M. Heyman
Don Heymann
Heidi Hijikata
Steven Jeffrey Hild
Rick Hill
Fiona Hines
Charlotte Hjorth
Sarah Hobbs
Lori A. Holmes
Paul Holmes
Valerie Holt
Mark Horoszowski
Cathy Hotka
Melissa Hough
Sarah A. Howard
Laura Howell
Amy Hughes
Phil Humnicky
David Patrick Hunter
Adam M. Hunter
Cheri R. Jaccaud
Merle Jacobs
Steven Jacques
Irene Jarosewich
Richard J. Jasculca
Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno
David L. Jessee
Kate Johnson
Brian V. Jones
Glenda E. Jones
Donnamaria Robinson Jones
Maggie Olaimey Jones
Tonya R. Jordan
Rosemary Jordan
Prince Joy
Amanda B. Kadlec
Phyllis Kaiser-Dark
Teji Kana
Ann Kane
Ayan S. Karim
Samantha B. Karlin
Katherine A. Karson
Linda Karson
Bilen Kassie
Rebecca Katz
John C. Keilman
Anne B. Keiser
Nancy J. Keith
Robin T. Kennedy
Lisa Kennelly
Ron Keohane
Madeleine G. Kern
Erna Kerst
Pamela J. Kerwin
Richard J. Kessler
Martha Keys
Maureen Keys
Rachel Kibbe
Sandhya Kidd
Niani Montgomery Kilkenny
Lea Kilraine
Georgianns Kleiman
Caroline Knop
Linsy Kochupaul
Shruti Koneru
Eric F. Konohia
Betsy Konrad
Marty Kreiss
Deborah S. Kreiss
Jeffrey Tayne Kreiss
Karen Kwok
Jessica Labarbera
Michael Lake
Linda S. Lance
Nancy Laprade
Robert Gerald Laprade
Hannah M. Lapuck
Carole Lasker
Patricia Watkins Lattimore
Barbara M. Leach
Esther Lee
Nathea Lee
Faith Legendre
Patricia Burke Leibach
Carol B. Lenhardt
Jenny Leung
Larry Levin
Patsy Martin Lightbown
Beverly Lindsey
Marc Litchman
Geoff Livingston
Joelle Logue
Thresiamma Lukose
Sandy Lunt
Ellen Lurie Hoffman
Emily Lyman
James L. Maas
Bryan Malickson
Robert L. Mallett
Michelle Maloney
Alexandria J. Maloney
Capricia Marshall
Anna Marti
Anne J. Martin
Judith Matloff
Cheriss May
George J. Mazza
Flo McAfee
Susan Mcavoy
Beatrice L. McBride
Katherine Mcilvaine
Margaret Anne Mckenna
Elizabeth McKeon
Jennifer Mczier
Monica Medrek
Donna Medrek
Aine Melvin
Carlos E. Mena
Johanna S. Mendelson Forman
Stephanie Mercier
Sandra Meredith
Tammy L. Meredith
Sharon Metcalf
Claudia Meyer
Larry W. Mitchell
Carl E. Mitchell
Lance Miyamoto
Dnaiet Moges
Abdi M. Mohamud
Julie Montgomery
Maria Morgan
Dan Morrison
Khayriyyah Muhammad Smith
Maureen Mulroe
Elizabeth J. Murphy
Damiana K. Murphy
Tamton Mustapha
Monisha Mustapha
Elyse Myers
Kathlyn S. Myers
Sandeep N.
Gretchen K. Nealon
Peggy Nebus
Mary Nemick
Stefanie Ng
Nishinder Nijjar
Pamela Marisa Nixon
Miriam Norquist
Janet A. Nuzum
Allison S. O’Brien
May Yoneyama O'Brien
Diane O'Connor
Theresa Okon
Ben Orbach
Daniel Ospina
Cynthia A. Overton
Manuello Paganelli
Mary H. Pahl
Catherine Theresa Pajic
Tracy Pakulniewicz
Robert Palmer
Natesh Parashurama
Roshann Parris
Saileshi Patel
Vaishali R. Patel
Emily Patton
Asmita Patwardhan
Andrew M. Paven
Kaitlyn Pawlukojc
Brenda Lee Pearson
Jeff Perlman
Lidia T. Pines
Ida Louise Polcari
Nikhil Ponnanna
Roman Ponos
Libby Powell
Smitha Prasanna
Kanika Priyadarshi
Sabeeha K. Quereshi
James W. Quiggle
Patricia J. Quinlan
Anne Quinlan
Christina Ragsdale
Anika Rahman
Geeta Raj
Maile P. Ramzi
Seneca Randolph
Mellody M. Randolph
Paul F. Randolph
Cristina V. Ranello
Susan Ranft
Mamatha Ratnam
Ann M. Ravel
Varsha Reddy
Shravanti Reddy
Soumya Reddy
Julia Grant Reed
Mary M. Richard
Susan C. Riker
Alexander Rivera
Janice T. Robinson
Pat A. Robinson
Karen A. Robinson
Julie Rocke
Randi Rogen
Ann Rogers
Jessica A. Roland
Pam Rolfes
Julia Rosenbaum
Don A. Rosenberger
Susan Rosenfeld
Steven Rosenthal
Holly H. Rouault
Tobin J. Rubio
Karl Rudd
Algene Sajery
Lisa Sales
Matti Santagata
Natalie A. Sarles
Jessamyn Sarmiento
Bonny B. Saulnier
Robin F. Schepper
Debra A. Schiff
Robert J. Schloss
Fred Schmidt
Loren L. Schulze
Judith S. Schumacher
Joy A. Searcie
Nancy Jeanne Sears
Niyati Shah
Ritu R. Sharma
Anita Sharma
Patricia Sheahan
Eli Michael Shear-Baggish
Jolynn M. Shoemaker
Caleb Shreve
Iris Shum
Caroline Siecke
Anne F. Simmons-Benton
Christine Simon
Lauren S. Simon
Kevin Simpson
Sylvana Q. Sinha
Mary A. Sipper
Wayne Skinner
Erica Roetman Sklar
Eric Sklar
Barlin H. Sli
Sara Slifer
Mary Kathleen Smart
Catherine Cornelius Smith
Sheila A. Smith
James B. Smith
Justin Terrence Smith
Margaret A. Smith
Jono Smith
Darlene D. Smith
Cynthia L. Smith
Susan D. Somach
Thomas H. Staal
Patrice Stanley
Victoria E. Stanski
Lavencion Victor Starks
Dorothy T. Steck
Charles Steck
Rev. Sarah J. Stephens
Charles C. Stephenson
Deb Stevens
Alice Fales Stewart
Elise W. Storck
Caroline Strzalka
Marcia D. Sullivan
Margaret Summers
Mark Sump
Jane Sung
Marlina Tadesse
Isabel D. Tappan-deFrees
Elizabeth Tappan-deFrees
Deema Tarazi
Carolyn Taylor
Pamela A. Taylor
Raymond Joseph Thibeault
Katherine M. Thomas
Jerry Thompson
Matthew Tiedemann
Debbie Tinsley
Ashley Tisdale
Thomas Trapasso
Tom Trapasso
Stephanie Ueng
Anton S. Van Schaik
Lien-anh Van Wagener
Sally Verser
J. Michael Viljoen
Jean L. Viotto
Lisa Vogt
Aparna Voleti
Deborah J. von Zinkernagel
Gernot Wagner
Terrye K. Wallace
Mindy Warner
Sahil K. Warsi
Kathy Watlington
Pamela J. Weagraff
Todd A. Weiler
Sharon G. Weinreb
Megan Wetzel
Gayle E. Weyland
Laura Foster Whitaker
Erin Denise White
Janice G. White
Whitney R. White
Kc White
Kim Widdess
Joan Wilbon
Lilah Wilder
Jonathan B. Williams
Ryan Williams
Whitney Williams
E. Williams
Myra C. Williams-Bryant
Helen Willoughby
Flory Wilson
Kirsten Wilson
Lauri G. Winter
Lloyd D. Wolf
Mimi Wolford
Marcia K. Wong
Jennifer Woods
Paul Woodson
Linda S. Work
Loyce Pierce Wright
Jessica Wynns
Davie Yarborough
Davey S. Yarborough
Susan Yindra
Nate Yohannes
Kathrin U. Yoneoka
Gwen Young
Heather Aimee Yurko
Judith E. Ziegler
Marta N. Zielyk
Kim J. Zimmerman
Jennifer Zwiebel

ORGANIZATIONS AS OF AUGUST 17, 2020 (included in letter to Joe Biden and Kamala Harri at the Democratic Convention)
Woman’s National Democratic Club
AbstoneLalley, Inc.
Azizi Architects, Inc.
Conflict Cuisine
Evolve Governance
First Calvary Baptist Church
Gender IDEAL
Kapor Center
Matter Unlimited
Moving Worlds
Radiant International
Somali Bantu Community of Arizona
The Ascendant Athlete
The Exposure Group
True Blue Inclusion
Turning Basin Labs


Steven Adamske
Lauren Albert
Kirsten Axelsen
Jennifer Belton
Barbara P. Better
Blair Blackwell
Nancy Brady
Rosemary Byrnes
Judith A. Canales
Megan Carroll
Steve A. Cisneros
Erin Connor
Mark Cook
Karena Cronin
Rana Dotson
Travis D. Dredd
Jennifer Duffy
Zarina Durrani
Denise E. Echevarria
Mary Rowe Echevarria
John Fenske
Meena Fenske
Suzanne Finney
Ella Fischelis
Caroline Fitzroy
Joseph B. Gaskins
Pege Ann Gilgannon
Karen Gladbach
Teresa C. Grana
Madison Grant
Arlene Gross
Mary M. Gunning
Judith P. Hallett
Deborah Randolph Harrison
Perkins Hudak Hendrix
Amanda F. Hobart
Mehlika Hoodbhoy
Dante Iraola
Daria Jacobs-Velde
Shirley Antoinette Jones
Janice Joyner
Hilary Junk
Emi Kamiya
Maryanna L. Kieffer
Rachel Kinnison
Craig Kirby
Allison Kohll
Sheri Lapan
Alexa Layne
Eleanor Lecain
Robin Leeds
Caroline Legge
Helen Lemma
Joe E. Leonard
Lynn L. Lewis
Estelle Lieb
Yi-li Lin
Kathy Loesch
Natalie M. Long
Shelly Loos
R. Lyon
Lori N. Mackenzie
Valerie G. Mallett
Madden Manion
Allison C. Mathews
David J. Maurrasse
Veronica K. Maxwell
Steven McGann
Ellen McGovern
Neil H. Mehta
Donna Adam Miyamoto
Segen T. Moges
Daisy Mui
Sally M. Munemitsu
Erin O’Connor
Michel C. Pacqué
Lydia C. Pan
Lily Panchasarp
Clare O. Parsons
Karen Judit Pataky
Maya Perkins
Johanna Ralston
Alexis Raymond
Molly Q. Ruhl
Veronica Salas
Heather Schreiber
Jane G. Schubert
Ann W. Scoffier
David Scribner
Alex Seblatnigg
Federico Sendel
Omar Shaban
Ori Shalev
Leslie Shampaine
Karen Shulman
Vivian Singletary
L. L. Smith
Julie E. Stauch
Karen Stegman
Andrew G. Steiner
Madeline Stilley
Jay Strell
Ponni Subbiah
Andrea D. Sullivan
Emen Tabit
Rekha Tadoori
Peter Tavernise
Jeff Teague
Natasha Terry
Brandon Thomas
Raven Shavonne Thomas
Edward R. Thomas
Linda Thornton Thomas
Eileen Toback
Brian Turetsky
Diana Turk
Shalini Vallabhan
Liezl Van Riper
Tanya M. Washington
Teresa Wildman Wilke
Ermette Williams
Marco Winkler
Julia M. Y.
Tiffany Yee
Ivy Young
Lily Yuan
Grace I. Zec
Alyson Zikmund
Jane B. Zimmerman

E. Thomas Enterprises
Maryland Business Clergy & Partnership
National Coalition of Resources
NY Professional Nurses Union

This letter is open for all signatures and not restricted to any gender or former government appointment or employment. All are welcome to sign.
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